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Bob Chadwick Trio at Hobby Airport

Bob Chadwick Trio at Hobby Airport

              Bob Chadwick Jazz Trio               
Bob Chadwick world music Trio


The trio features Bob Chadwick, flutes, with Ray Wilson on guitar and Andrew Gordon on upright bass. 

The Trio's repertoire includes an impressive collection of bossa nova

and Latin American tunes along with familiar jazz standards.

Bob Chadwick's bass flute brings a fresh voice,

its velvety earthy sound  adds  mystery and depth to the ensemble.

The Bob Chadwick Trio has performed with the program since it's launch.

Media links

Bob Chadwick Trio    Audio demo

Bob Chadwick Trio 6 song sampler
00:00 / 06:12
Jazz and Bossa Nova samples:   
Bim Bom, Djangology,
Forest Flower, Girl from Ipanema,
Nuages, Fototgraph
Make Music Houston Day video

enable sound by clicking music notes here >>>>

YouTube links to passenger videos

Bob Chadwick trio with Maricela Kruseman

Bob Chadwick Trio with program director

Maricela Kruseman

Harmony in the Air is a program sponsored by the Airports of Houston

founded in 2015 by program director Maricela Kruseman.

Live performances are scheduled at both Houston Airports

daily from noon until 3pm,

all by professional musicians from the Houston area, with the goal of making passenger's time at the airport a more relaxing experience.

 The diverse soundtrack curated during the daily performances has

helped Hobby Airport earn North America's first-ever 5-star Skytrax rating.

Bob Chadwick trio entertains passengers at Hobby Airport

Bob Chadwick Trio entertains passengers at Hobby Airport

Harmony in the air stage at Hobby

Comments from passengers

During performances passengers at Hobby frequently use comment cards to share their experience enjoying

 Bob's Trio and the Harmony in the Air program.

Here is a sample of their comments

The bass flute sounded beautiful! Love the live music in layovers here! Bob’s group played great music!! So relaxing and fun. Great combo!

Debbie O. 6-6-2023


Beautiful music! I loved this group! Such a wonderful touch after going to a hospital.

Jeannie M 8-30-2022


This group is fantastic! They are all gifted artists, very talented. I love their “easy listening” style.

Just what a busy airport needs. I will come through Houston again just to hear them.

Penny J. 8-30- 2022


A one hour layover turned into 4 hours. The performance made the wait time pleasant and relaxing. Very much enjoyed.

John P. 11-08-2022


Thanks for providing entertainment for those with longer layovers. Great music!

Scott M. 01-31-2023

Love the jazz trio, makes a stressful trip not so stressful!

Sherri L. 01-31-2023


Fantastic music, all three musicians. Great improvisations!

Kent U. 1-31-2023


Harmony in the Air was delightful! Unexpected in an airport. Enjoyed it very much!

Frank B. 06-06-2023


Loved the music Came early just to be entertained!

Paul T. 06-06-2023


What an amazing group of musicians! Bass player was laying down some seriously tasty grooves! Guitarist had a sweet touch! And the flute player was laying some serious melody lines on us.

Much love to all, thank you for this experience as I prepared for my flight.

Steve P. 03-14-2023

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