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Bob Chadwick is a classically-trained professional flutist and musician. He performs and records jazz and original world music. His mastery of concert flute and numerous world flutes has won him repeated acclaim.

Bob is well known around and inside jazz circles as a talented and proficient player with remarkable musicianship. His formal education in classical performance shows through in his ability to improvise in a wide array of settings. He leads with exquisite melodies that often venture to the outside.

Bob Chadwick World flutist world flutes bass flute shakulute quena bansuri pan flutes countryman microphones Eva Kingma flutes powell flute


Bob Chadwick performs using Concert flute, Piccolo, Alto flute, Bass flute, Contrabass flute, Indian Bansuri, Irish whistles, Alto Shakulute, Japanese Shakuhachi, Chinese dizi, Andean pan flutes (Zampona and Toro), Andean Quena, Recorders, Lyricon (analog wind synthesizer),

EWI (digital midi wind synthesizer)

Bob Chadwick Trio:

The Bob Chadwick Trio features Bob Chadwick, flutes, with Ray Wilson on guitar and Andrew Gordon on upright bass. Bob Chadwick is an accomplished flautist and band leader, performing in the Houston area and nationally for over 35 years.

The Trio's repertoire includes an impressive collection of bossa nova and Latin American tunes along with familiar jazz standards.

Bob Chadwick's use of bass flute brings a fresh voice to the classic Brazilian bossa nova. The velvety earthy sound of the bass flute evokes a mystery and depth that comes to life with his technical mastery and intuitive sensibilities.

The ensemble provides a welcome interlude of musical entertainment that is both soothing and lively.


Bob Chadwick has enjoyed highlighting the captivating sounds of exotic flutes with performances including

The Lion King, Disney on Broadway


Bob Chadwick performs Lord of the Rings

Written for Orchestra by Howard Shore

• Houston Symphony (2004 and 2005)

• Dallas Symphony (Fall 2004)

Bass Flute, Pan Flutes and Irish Penny Whistle

Bob Chadwick performs Miss Saigon

• Houston TUTS production of the Broadway musical. (2005 and 2010)

Principal and Asian Flutes including Chinese Dizi and Indian Bansuri


Bob Chadwick performs Flower Drum Song

• Houston's production of the Broadway theatrical revival of 1962 original. (2005)

Bob Chadwick Principal and Asian Flutes - played thirteen total different flutes, including Chinese Dizi and Indian Bansuri.


  • Jazz flute solo Houston


  • wedding flute


  • Houston flutist


  • bass flute player


  • flutist

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