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Bob Chadwick's Concert flute is a handmade Verne Q Powell made in 1955

Bob Chadwick plays Bass flute & Contrabass flute both made by Eva Kingma


"Eva Kingma Bass flutes are renowned worldwide for their flexibility, response and power over all registers. The very ergonomic design and well balanced mechanism of a Eva Kingma Bass flute has resulted in much more comfort during performance and rehearsal. This stimulates the player to use it more and more."

Bob Chadwick  bass flute  Eva Kingma flutes Backstreet Cafe
Contrabass Flute  Eva Kingma Bob Chadwick low flutes houston world flutes

Bob Chadwick plays Shakuhachi and Alto Shakulute

both made by Monty Levenson w Tai Shakuhachi 

Bob Chadwick shakuhachi Monty Levenson

Bob Chadwick performs on and endorses the Tai Hei Alto Shakulute

"This headjoint for the silver flute is a completely new concept in woodwinds developed by Tai Hei Shakuhachi. It replaces the side-blown headjoint of the western transverse flute with that of an end-blown shakuhachi headjoint to create an innovative new sound and style of music."



 Bob Chadwick plays Alto Shakulute on "The River" an original composition (under LISTEN on this site) 

See video on watch page, "The Last Concert"


Bob Chadwick exotic flutes shakulute Alto shakulute flute Monty Levenson
Bob Chadwick alto shakulute Monty Levenson exotic flutes houston

Bob Chadwick performs Bansuri crafted by Paul Alexandre John


Himself a master of the bansuri, Paul Alexandre John makes bamboo flutes for himself and whoever finds him and asks. Hence, all of his bamboo flutes (bansuri) are custom-made to the particular needs of the flutist. He uses well-seasoned Assamese bamboo. Born in Kolkata and having studied there with Pundit Gour Goswami, Paul has been playing and making bansuri for nearly 40 years.

Bob Chadwick bansuri

Bob Chadwick plays Dizi flutes crafted by Jeff Whittier


Jeff Whittier has been making bamboo flutes since 1968. His flutes have been used by some of the top artists of the instrument, including Hari Prasad Chaurasi, Vijay Raghav Rao, and GS Sachdev. His flutes are used in the orchestras of Miss Saigon, Tarzan, The Flower Drum Song and Bombay Dreams. For The Lion King, he was given a credit on the playbill for his instruments.

dizi flutes exotic flutes Jeff Whittier Miss Saigon Flower Drum Song Lion King

Bob Chadwick performs  Turkish Ney crafted by Jay Kruse    https://www.facebook.com/jaykrusemusicandcraft/

"After decades of honing the art and craft of the reed flute, Jay Kruse proudly offers a new kind of musical experience specifically designed to help heal the body, mind and soul."

Ney Turkish Ney exotic flutes Bob Chadwick Jay Kruse